About Sikkim State Election Commission (SecSikkim)

Sikkim State Election Commission is an indipendent and statutory body constituted in Indian state of Sikkim for ensuring that elections in are conducted in free and unbiased way. The State Election Commission of Sikkim (SECSIKKIM) was constituted as an independent constitutional body in pursuance of the Seventy Third and Seventy Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of India.

Constitution of India with provisions as per Article 243K and 243 ZA and Article 324 ensures creation and safeguarding of the powers of State Election Commissions. Sikkim State Election Commission is responsible for conducting elections for Urban Local Bodies like Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Panchayats and any other specified by Election Commission of India. Sikkim State Election Commissioner is appointed by Governor of Sikkim.

It is the Constitutional duty of the State Election Commission to complete the elections to local bodies before the expiry of the five year term period of its elected members. As of now the secretariat is being manned by the officers and staff recruited and appointed on deputation by the State Government. During the election process ,the required additional man power is requistioned from various departments of the State Government.

Preparation and publication of final ward wise electoral rolls is a pre requisite for election to local bodies. The Commission appoints the District Collectors as Panchayat Electoral Registration Officers and Municipal Electoral Registration Officers for preparation of separate electoral rolls,i.e for Panchayat and Municipality elections. Necessary guidelines and list of programmes in detail are provided to the District Collectors for the assigned tasks. The Commission also appoints Election Observers to ensure that the elections are conducted in a free,fair and in a peaceful manner.

The Commission is vested with the prime responsibility for reorganization and delimitation of both Panchayat and Municipal areas. It is also vested with the responsibility of fixing the reservation of wards for BL, ST, SC, OBC, MBC category and women candidates in consultation with the State Government.

The Model Code of Conduct is enforced during elections for strict compliance to all political parties, candidates and Government departments.

Generally speaking, democracy finds its expression in the institution of Panchayati raj and Urban local self government and such local bodies are formed by way of elections on our country. In order to conduct of and fair elections for formation local bodies the State Election Commissions (SECs) as an independent Constitutional bodies are created by the Indian Constitution (Seventy third and seventy fourth Amendment Act, 1992).

The State Election Commission of Sikkim was constituted on 19.09.1996 as independent constitutional authority and is vested with the responsibility for superintendence, direction and control of preparation of electoral rolls and conduct of elections to local bodies in a free and fair manner. It has already smoothly and successfully conducted two general elections to constitute Panchayati Raj institution in the State as per the provisions laid down in the Sikkim Panchayat Act, 1993.

The SECSikkim is mandated to complete the elections before the expiry of five years term of local bodies as stipulated in the Acts and as such it cannot yield to vested interest to postpone the elections from being held being held the stipulated time.

Organisation Structure Of SEC Sikkim CEO Office

Organisation Structure Of SEC Sikkim DEO Office

ERO: Electoral Registration Officer

AERO: Assistant Electoral Registration Officer

BLO: Booth Level Officer

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